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Vancouver ICS Training


Are you required to provide your employees and management team on-site Vancouver ICS training?

If so, our team of firefighters and company officers at Code 3 Training is prepared to deliver on-site Vancouver ICS training in IS-100, IS-200 and IS-700 courses. These FEMA-based courses are combined with expert instruction to provide your company a solid foundation for effective emergency response and incident management. If you are part of a company response team working in a hospital, heavy industry, or school district and lack the resources and experience to conduct certified FEMA-ICS training courses, Code 3 Training can help. These Vancouver ICS courses are delivered conveniently on-site by experienced firefighters who have first-hand working knowledge of incident management. We offer timely, flexible scheduling and have a variety of payment methods available.

Recent history has shown since the events of 9/11 that local, state and federal emergency response agencies combined with corporate industry can work together to create a safe and effective response to natural and man-made disasters. It is vital that employees gain a basic ICS knowledge in occupations and workplace environments at increased risk of these events. It is through knowledge, preparation and awareness of the concepts in FEMA-ICS, that your employees will be better prepared to interface with response agencies. Your company will more effectively mitigate emergencies involving fire, hazardous material releases, large scale evacuation, and other significant events. We currently work with a large mill site in Longview, Washington on a comprehensive emergency response program focused on fire, EMS and FEMA-ICS incident management, in concert with local emergency response authorities and can offer this to you as well.

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