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Vancouver First Aid Classes


Vancouver First Aid Classes:

Most first aid training consists of recognizing a trauma or medical emergency and then taking the proper action to stabilize the injured individual, often with little equipment. Many businesses are working with only a basic first aid kit, which is meant to deliver a basic level of treatment until medical professionals arrive. It is important to recognize when a medical emergency exists, to call 911 and to understand what to do for the patient while waiting for 911 to arrive.

EMT response time can vary, but an average is anywhere from four to six minutes. With professional ASHI first aid training from Code 3’s experienced first aid instructors, your employees will have the knowledge required to successfully treat an injured patient until help arrives. In our Vancouver First Aid classes, you will leave class prepared and confident!

Our ASHI training curriculum satisfies or exceeds all Washington Labor and Industries standards for the workplace. Our first aid curriculum is delivered in an engaging, friendly approach that invites questions and encourages scenario-based learning.

Training Details:

You’ll receive competitive rates and convenient scheduling with our on-site Vancouver First Aid classes. Other features of our training include:

-First Aid certification valid for two years

-Convenient, easy to schedule on-site Vancouver First Aid certification

-Quality training from experienced firefighters and EMTs’

-Certification cards provided at the end of training, with no waiting.

-Class offerings during workweeks, weekends and after work

-A variety of payment methods are accepted

Allow Us to Make a Professional Recommendation:

If you are interested in a consultation, our trainers will be more than happy to make a full evaluation of your current level of first aid preparedness at no extra cost to you. During this evaluation we will recommend quality equipment and supplies that can help your employees to be more effective when it comes to dealing with a trauma or medical emergency.

What makes our evaluation so personalized is that we recommend first aid equipment that is specific to your company and employee work hazards. Not all companies are the same, which means that your first aid needs may be different.

Get in Touch With Us Today:

Code 3 Training is pleased to announce our partnership with regional AED distributor Enerspect and Philips Healthcare. We are here to show you and everyone else in the Vancouver area that First Aid training does not have to drain your bank account or become an inconvenience. Our main goal is to turn you into First Aid experts.

When you are ready to schedule your Vancouver First Aid class, schedule online or give us a call at 360-281-6428 to reserve your spot. We invite you to explore our site and take a look at current and upcoming courses.