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Vancouver Fire Extinguisher Classes


Vancouver Fire Extinguisher Classes:

How many of your employees feel genuinely confident in how to properly use a fire extinguisher?

Have your employees had an opportunity to use an extinguisher in hands-on training?

Code 3 Training has an experienced team of firefighters well-versed in using many types of extinguishers. We can provide your employees in Vancouver the education and skills to be confident in handling a fire extinguisher when an emergency occurs and we can customize our fire extinguisher class content for your workplace. Our Vancouver Fire Extinguisher classes offer classroom and real hands-on training in fire extinguisher use. Your company may not only increase the safety of your staff during an emergency, but it may also save your company money in decreased property damage due to fire. Your Vancouver, Washington business may also save on its insurance premium as well.

Why not call the experts who put fire out for a living? Code 3 Training can come to your business and conduct on-site Vancouver fire extinguisher certification at a time convenient for you. We offer timely, flexible scheduling and have a variety of payment methods available.

History has shown that many damaging fires and some loss of life could have been stopped in the incipient (beginning) phase by employees who understood the operation of portable fire extinguishers. A competently trained employee at your Vancouver business is authorized by the WAC to engage an incipient fire as long as they have had fire extinguisher training on an annual basis, their employer has allowed them to use a portable fire extinguisher by policy, and a fire can be extinguished with one extinguisher in an incipient phase. As fires usually develop rapidly and can double in size every few minutes, time is of the essence and preparation in fire extinguisher use is vital.

If you are looking to provide your employees in Vancouver the expertise to handle a fire emergency in its early stages while 911 is being called, look to the experts in the field. Code 3 Training will provide engaging, fun and informative fire extinguisher training for your employees at a very reasonable price. We provide all the materials needed, including fire extinguishers for a no-hassle, convenient training session for your Vancouver business. If you’d like, our team can also conduct fire prevention and evacuation planning consulting, in accordance with Vancouver Fire Marshal’s requirements and the International Fire Code. Call us today to schedule your next Vancouver fire extinguisher class!