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Vancouver CPR and AED Classes


Vancouver CPR and AED Classes:

The experienced instructors at Code 3 Training offer professional On-Site CPR & AED classes in Vancouver. Instead of spending money to send your employees out to training, you can enjoy the convenience and affordability of having your employees learn CPR at your location. We service Vancouver and its surrounding cities, so schedule your training today!

The Code 3 Training Advantage:

One of the many advantages of allowing Code 3 to take care of your employee CPR and AED training is that you will not pay additional on-site fees. Other advantages include:

-Your employees receive training from Vancouver area firefighters and EMTs’ who have experience performing CPR

-Instructors utilize real world scenarios to help your employees become more proficient and confident in performing CPR

-All questions are answered thoroughly and in a friendly manner by those who do the job of providing CPR to the public

Whenever we provide your CPR training, we always do so according to the most up-to-date guidelines set by ASHI and the American Heart Association. In our effort to make our training and certification process as easy and efficient as possible, we offer a variety of scheduling options and payment methods for you to choose from, such as PayPal, cash, check and Visa.

Training Details:

With all on-site Vancouver CPR and AED classes, we offer AED certification at no extra cost. An AED is essential in helping your employees respond to a cardiac arrest emergency in a prepared manner, increasing the survival rate up to 40%, according to ASHI statistics. Currently, the average out-of-hospital rate of survival for individuals in cardiac arrest is roughly 10%. Odds of survival can increase as much as three times with CPR-trained rescuers.

Code 3 Training can also evaluate your current CPR and AED preparedness program and offer recommendations for equipment and supplies. One of our most recent and valuable partnerships is with Philips Healthcare and Enerspect, providers of defibrillators and other workplace medical equipment.

ASHI & AHA Courses:

All of our courses are completed in an affordable two-year CPR certification period. It doesn’t matter how demanding your current requirements are, our courses are sure to satisfy each and every one of them. We are also proud to offer training for non-profit and community organizations, laypersons and parent groups. No matter which organization or healthcare provider group you might belong to, we guarantee that we will deliver the best CPR and AED training, with the highest level of convenience at an affordable price.

Schedule an On-Site Class Today:

Schedule your next on-site Vancouver CPR and AED class with Code 3 Training today by registering online or calling 360-281-6428.