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Fire Extinguisher Training

Looking for a fire extinguisher class in the Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington Metro area to meet your regulatory requirements? Why not have one delivered onsite by our team of professional firefighters?

CODE 3TRAINING has professional instructors with real on-the-street fire experience. We not only serve the Portland Metro region, we will travel to Olympia, Washington, Salem, Oregon or anywhere in-between. Fire extinguisher training is delivered onsite to make it convenient for your employees, reducing personnel costs to your company.

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Fire Extinguisher:

This class is intended for all individuals who have a workplace duty to respond to an incipient fire or who wish to learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher such as those in the: Logging Industry, Airlines, Schools and Day Care Facilities, Places of Assembly, Manufacturing, Hospitals or anyone who desires to feel confident in using an extinguisher when the need arises

This class exceeds Washington and Oregon State and Federal OSHA standards

  • Duration – 1 to 2 hours
  • Course is geared to specific workplace hazards encountered and equipment available within the workplace
  • Fire Extinguishers and all materials are provided at no additional cost



$275.00- up to 10 participants  (minimum on-site class fee)

($17.50 for each additional participant)

  • 5% discount for single class groups of 15-20 participants
  • 10% discount for single class groups of 21-30 participants
  • See “Class Pricing” for additional details


Course Description:

Classes of fire; A-D and K

Fire extinguisher types

Fire extinguisher capabilities

Safety considerations

Tactical considerations

Scenario-based discussion of a variety of fire situations

Workplace inspection and training requirements (IFC and L&I)

Practical skills using a propane-based prop with and assigned safety person and prop operator

Summary and Questions


CODE 3TRAINING offers Fire Extinguisher training for businesses, light and heavy industrial companies, and non-
profits with flexible on-site hours to meet your scheduling needs. Our highly experienced instructors will provide
Fire Extinguisher OSHA certification and Fire Extinguisher classes. Fire
Extinguisher training is conducted by instructors that fight fire in emergency situations on a routine basis.

Our talented instructors will make your classroom experience fun and engaging, while being informative and truly
a cut above the rest. Rest assured that CODE 3TRAINING will provide the highest quality curriculum compliant with
Oregon OSHA or Washington WISHA at a cost that is affordable.

Call us today! You can sign up online through our convenient “Register Now” tab on the home page or call 360.281.6428.

When it comes time to meet your required Fire Extinguisher certification, Fire Extinguisher training or Fire Extinguisher class needs, please call us. We will come to you!


  • Small Group
  • $275.00
  • Up to 10 Registrants
  • Plus $17.50 each additional
  • (per class)