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ASHI Oxygen Administration

Are you a Healthcare Provider who is required to administer oxygen in the course of your workplace duties? Would you like to learn more about effective oxygen delivery techniques for specific medical situations? If so, the Code 3 team can train you in an interactive and engaging manner using your oxygen delivery equipment. We will also make equipment and procedural recommendations so that your office or business is prepared to effectively handle medical situations where oxygen delivery is required. This class is especially helpful for dental offices and medical clinics.

CODE 3TRAINING can conduct onsite classes for your organization. Your class will be effective, engaging and affordable with CODE 3TRAINING. We offer flexible and convenient scheduling, so your employee can learn oxygen delivery and be better prepared in the event of an emergency. Our classes are taught using ASHI curriculum, with current Fire Fighter-EMTs and Paramedic personnel as your instructors.

If you’re looking for a class to become better educated about oxygen administration in Vancouver, Washington, Portland, Oregon, or any surrounding areas, from Olympia, Washington to Salem, Oregon, CODE 3TRAINING is your preferred training provider.


ASHI Oxygen Administration:

This class is intended for all clinical and dental staff who would like to increase their knowledge of oxygen delivery techniques. This training will better prepare your workplace for emergencies involving medical problems, with oxygen administration proving beneficial. Class participants will receive training on the physiology related to the delivery of oxygen, using oxygen implements such as the nasal cannula, non-rebreather and the bag valve mask. Students will also learn the technique of inserting an OPA and the flow rates of various oxygen implements.

  • Duration 1-2 hours
  • Minimum of 8 participants
  • Course is geared to enhance knowledge of oxygen administration


ASHI Oxygen Administration Pricing:

$30.00 per person

  • 5% discount for single class groups of 15-20 participants
  • 10% discount for single class groups of 21-30 participants


Course Description:

ASHI Oxygen Administration

  • Airway and Circulatory Physiology
  • Oxygen tank operation
  • Airway implements- OPA & NPA
  • Nasal Cannula
  • Non-Rebreather
  • Bag Valve Mask
  • Oxygen Flow Rates


CODE 3TRAINING offers oxygen administration training for dental offices and medical clinics with flexible onsite hours to meet your scheduling needs. Our highly experienced instructors will provide these training classes.

Our talented street-experienced instructors will make your classroom experience fun and engaging, while being informative and truly a cut above the rest. We will make recommendations to your office based on your qualifications and needs. Rest assured that CODE 3TRAINING will provide the highest quality ASHI curriculum from those who do this every day.

We offer this training to you at a cost that is affordable and engaging, customized to your needs.

Call us today! Individuals can sign up below or call us at 360.281.6428.


  • Individual
  • $30.00
  • Single Registrant
  • Online Student Manual Included
  • (per person)