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ASHI CPR-AED & First Aid Combination (Non-Healthcare Provider)

Looking for a layperson-oriented CPR-AED & First Aid class for your workplace or non-profit organization? We offer the ASHI CPR-AED & First Aid Combination class taught by professional Firefighter EMTs and Paramedics. ASHI is a local Northwest company based in Eugene, Oregon that prides itself on quality curriculum and progressive student resources which are free with every course we offer. CODE 3TRAINING offers flexible, onsite training with convenient scheduling, so your workplace, family members, or colleagues can learn how to save a life without disrupting your schedule.

Our company offers training in Vancouver, WA, Portland, Oregon, and surrounding areas. CODE 3TRAINING is your preferred onsite training provider.

Call us today for the most affordable instruction in your workplace. Don’t put it off-get the ASHI CPR-AED & First Aid class you need. Feel confident and be better prepared when a medical or trauma emergency happens.

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ASHI CPR-AED & First Aid:

This class is intended for all individuals who want to learn more about how to safely handle a cardiac, medical or trauma emergency. Participants include: Workplaces, family members, homeowners association groups, adolescent groups or non-profit-based organizations or anyone who wants to feel more comfortable by learning the skills of CPR, AED & First Aid for adults, children and infants.

  • Duration – 4.5 hours
  • Minimum of 7 participants
  • Course is geared to enhance your familiarization of CPR-AED & First Aid practices

CPR-AED & First Aid Training consists of: Adult, Child and Infant CPR & AED familiarization and Choking procedures.

Instruction also includes: First Aid personal safety topics, patient assessment, medical, trauma and environmental emergencies.

For detailed ASHI course information, see “Class Pricing” or visit www.hsi.com.

CODE 3TRAINING emphasizes real-world situations and teaches techniques that improve decision-making skills and effectiveness during a medical emergency.



$50.00 per person

  • 5% discount for single class groups of 15-20 participants
  • 10% discount for single class groups of 21-30 participants


Course Description:

Chest Compressions (manipulative)

Checking the Victim/Assessment (manipulative)

AED Introduction and Use

AED Trainer Demonstration and Scenario (manipulative)

AED Special Situations

Adult/Child CPR practical skills (manipulative)

Child CPR-AED use

Infant CPR-AED use

Infant Compressions (manipulative)

Infant Assessment

Infant CPR Practical Skills (manipulative)

Adult-Child-Infant Choking- conscious and unconscious (manipulative)

First Aid Basics
Rescuer Duties
Victim and Rescuer Safety
Phoning for Help
Determining the Problem
Actions after the Emergency

Medical Emergencies
Breathing Problems
Allergic Reactions
Chest pain
Diabetic Emergencies

Injury Emergencies
Trauma- internal and external
Head, Neck and Spine Injuries
Broken Bones and Sprains
Burns and Electrical Injuries

Environmental Emergencies
Insect Stings
Temperature-Related Emergencies
Poison Emergencies


CODE 3TRAINING offers ASHI CPR-AED & First Aid classes with flexible on-site hours to meet your scheduling and workplace needs. Our highly street-experienced instructors will provide CPR certification and CPR & First Aid classes. CPR & First Aid training is the foundation of our business and passion of the Code 3 Team.

Our talented instructors will make your classroom experience engaging and enjoyable, while being informative and a cut above the rest. CODE 3TRAINING will provide the highest quality CPR-AED & First Aid curriculum at a cost that is affordable for your workplace.

Call us today! Individuals can sign up online below or call us at 360.281.6428.

When it comes time to increase your awareness of CPR, First Aid and the use of an AED, please call us. We will come to you and provide excellent quality training at a very reasonable price!


  • Individual
  • $50.00
  • Single Registrant
  • ASHI CPR-AED & First Aid Non-Healthcare Provider
  • Online Student Manual Included
  • (per person)