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ASHI Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher

Are your employees required to maintain certification in Bloodborne Pathogens? Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher is effective and affordable with CODE 3TRAINING. We offer onsite training with convenient scheduling, so you and your colleagues can get certified in annual bloodborne pathogens refresher without disrupting your schedule. You can schedule this class by itself or accompanied by another course. CODE 3TRAINING offers ASHI or American Heart Association OSHA and WISHA-compliant refresher.

If you’re looking for a class to get Bloodborne Pathogens certification in Vancouver, WA, Portland, Oregon, or any surrounding areas, from Olympia, Washington to Salem, Oregon, CODE 3TRAINING is your preferred training provider.

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ASHI or AHA Bloodborne Pathogens:

This class is intended for all individuals who have a duty to respond to a medical emergency and require knowledge of safe, effective practices around potential bloodborne pathogens. Those who have job responsibilities or regulatory requirements such as: Dental Care Workers, Physicians and Nurses, Government Employees, Airline Personnel, Teachers and Daycare Workers, Physical Fitness Employees, and others who may come in contact with bloodborne pathogens.

  • Duration – 1 to 1.5 hours (Refresher course)
  • Minimum of 8 participants
  • Course is geared to enhanced familiarization of safe practices around bloodborne pathogens
  • OSHA and WISHA compliant

Training consists of: Knowledge of bloodborne pathogens, how they are transmitted, safe and effective controls to prevent bloodborne diseases, risk of transmission for each pathogen, cleanup and disposal practices, infection control planning requirements and PPE worn to minimize risk of infection.

CODE 3TRAINING can help your employees increase their awareness of safe practices to prevent unnecessary transmission of disease under normal working conditions.


Bloodborne Pathogens Pricing:

ASHI: $30.00 per person (Online manual included)

AHA: $45.00 per person (Print manual included)

  • 5% discount for single class groups of 15-20 participants
  • 10% discount for single class groups of 21-30 participants
  • Note: AHA requires each participant to purchase a print manual ($15.00, included in pricing) 
  • Free ASHI online student manual and web resources included 


Course Description:

Definition of Bloodborne Pathogens and Disease Statistics

Transmission routes and potential

Explanation of BBP and signs and symptoms of Hepatitis and HIV

Workplace hazards review- adapted to the customer

Workplace Review of Employee Reporting- adapted to the customer

Exposure Control Plan- based on workplace guidelines and procedures

Prevention of needle sticks

Precautions to prevent transmission- gloves, eye wear and gowns

Proper disposal of contaminated equipment- needles and clothing

Gloves- donning and doffing demonstration

Conclusion and Questions


CODE 3TRAINING offers Bloodborne pathogen refresher training for businesses, healthcare companies and non-profits with flexible onsite hours to meet your scheduling needs. Our highly experienced EMT and Paramedic instructors will provide training in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas.

Our talented instructors will make your classroom experience fun and engaging, while being informative. Rest assured that CODE 3TRAINING will provide the highest quality American Heart Association or ASHI curriculum, compliant with state OSHA regulations at a cost that is affordable.

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When it comes time to meet your requirements for BBP certification or Bloodborne Pathogens training, please call us. We will come to you!


  • ASHI Individual
  • $30.00
  • Single Registrant
  • Online Student Manual Included
  • (per person)