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ASHI or AHA Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR & AED

Looking for a Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR & AED class for your organization or workplace? Make it effective and affordable with CODE 3TRAINING. We offer flexible, onsite training with convenient scheduling, so you and your colleagues can learn how to save a life without disrupting your schedule.

If you’re looking for a class to obtain ASHI or American Heart Association Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR & AED certification in Vancouver, WA, Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR & AED certification in Portland, Oregon, or any surrounding areas, CODE 3TRAINING is your preferred experienced training provider.

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ASHI or AHA Healthcare Provider CPR & AED

This class is intended for certified or non-certified, licensed or non-licensed healthcare providers such as: Physicians Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Medical or Nursing Students and Nursing Home staff.

  • Duration – 3.5 hours (Refresher or Initial class is provided)
  • Minimum of 8 participants (ASHI)/ Minimum of 10 participants for (AHA)
  • Course is geared to also enhance your familiarization of your specialized workplace equipment
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CPR & AED Training consists of: Adult, Child and Infant CPR and Choking procedures. Instruction also includes: AED familiarization and operation, special situations and BLS key topics. Patient transfer training and other items of interest can additionally be covered for maximum training benefit.

For detailed AHA course information, see below or click on “Course Flyers” in the “About Us” section. Visit www.heart.org.

For detailed ASHI course information, please go to www.hsi.com and select the ASHI curriculum.

CODE 3TRAINING emphasizes real-world situations and teaches techniques that improve decision-making skills and CPR & AED effectiveness.



$45.00 per person for ASHI Healthcare Provider CPR & AED (Online student manual included)

$55.00 per person for AHA Healthcare Provider BLS  (Required student manual not included)
(3.5 hours)

  • 5% discount for single class groups of 15-20 participants (ASHI or AHA)
  • 10% discount for single class groups of 21-30 participants (ASHI only)
  • Note: AHA maximum class size is 24 employees with a 8:1 student to instructor ratio.
  • AHA requires each participant to purchase a student manual ($17.50 fee)
  • ASHI provides a free download of an online student manual and convenient web resources (no charge)


Course Description:

Chest Compressions (manipulative)

Airway and Breathing

  • Mouth to mouth (manipulative)
  • Breaths with Masks (manipulative)
  • Bag Valve Mask (manipulative)

Checking the Victim/Assessment (manipulative)

AED Introduction and Use

AED Trainer Demonstration and Scenario (manipulative)

AED Special Situations

Adult/Child CPR practical skills (manipulative)

Child CPR & AED use

Infant CPR & AED use

Infant 1 and 2 person Compressions (manipulative)

Infant Breaths (manipulative)

Infant Assessment

Infant CPR Practical Skills (manipulative)

Adult-Child-Infant Choking- conscious and unconscious (manipulative)


CODE 3TRAINING offers Healthcare Provider BLS CPR & AED training with flexible on-site hours to meet your scheduling needs. Our highly experienced instructors will provide CPR certification and CPR classes in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas. CPR training is the foundation of our business.

Our talented instructors will make your classroom experience fun and engaging, while being informative and truly a cut above the rest. Rest assured that the CODE 3TRAINING team will provide the highest quality ASHI or American Heart Association curriculum at a cost that is affordable.

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  • ASHI-Individual
  • $45.00
  • ASHI-Single Registrant
  • Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR & AED
  • Online Manual Included
  • (per person)
  • AHA-Individual
  • $55.00
  • AHA-Single Registrant
  • Healthcare Provider (BLS) CPR & AED
  • Print Manual Not Included
  • (per person)