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Prevent a fire in your home

Prevent a Fire in Your Home

Code 3 Training would like you to be prepared in the event of a fire in your home. We want you to prevent a fire in your home by taking a few easy steps. Here are some important things to consider as we approach the winter season:

1. Insure that your wall heaters or radiators have ample space in front of them to prevent direct ignition.

2. Check your smoke alarms. Insure that you have a smoke alarm on each level of your home, in each bedroom and in areas that fire is likely to spread through. The kitchen is not an appropriate area for smoke alarms.

3. Clean your chimney to prevent a chimney fire and possible extension into your attic.

4. If you have sources of natural gas or propane, install a CO alarm. Remember that propane seeks low areas, while natural gas goes upward.

5.  Insure that your electrical wiring is in good repair.

6. If you have bedrooms on an upper floor, get a foldable ladder to use in the event that the stairs are blocked to the first floor.

7. Check to confirm that your bedroom windows are not painted shut and are openable.

8. Have a meeting place outside your home. All family members should be aware of its location.


9. Install a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in your home. I recommend a 5 pound 2A,10B:C extinguisher to be installed in your laundry room, kitchen, garage or shop.

See our training page https://www.code3safety.com/training-courses for course details.


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