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Portland Safety Consultants


Portland Safety Consultants with Industry Experience

Workplace safety is an important part of running a business. Do your employees know what to do in the event of an emergency? Keeping calm and having an evacuation plan is essential to protecting the people that work in your office. We offer training and consultation delivered by a team of experienced firefighters with in-depth knowledge of firefighting principles, local fire inspection codes and fire prevention practices.

Code 3 Training will insure that your employees understand the best method to evacuate your building in the event of an emergency, suggest an area to report accountability and guarantee that your building is equipped with all equipment necessary to treat and care for employees in the event of an emergency.

Disaster can be devastating for any business, and can quickly cut in to your productivity, whether injuries are involved or not. With the help of our team of qualified firefighters and medical professionals, damage to your workplace and employee injuries are kept to a minimum, allowing you to get back to business faster.

Safety Procedures Training

Code 3 Training offers the following training to businesses to improve your safety procedures:

  1. Fire Brigade and Emergency Response Team Deployment
  2. Incident Management
  3. Evacuation Planning
  4. Evaluation of Current Safety Procedures
  5. Pre-Fire Planning in coordination with local fire jurisdiction

Our Portland Safety Consultants are partnered with two other safety companies to guarantee that we offer a comprehensive training experience to your office. With the help of our partners, we offer you the correct medical equipment, high angle and confined space training, and hazardous material response team training to ensure that you can handle any situation that comes your way.

It’s impossible to know when disaster will head your way. The best way to minimize its effect is to prepare your building and your employees for anything that may come your way. Our services are affordable and our scheduling is flexible. Our team of Portland Safety Consultants at Code 3 Training is highly qualified and trained to give you the best advice possible to prevent damage and injury.

Portland Safety Training & More

We have the resources and contacts necessary to ensure that your business is protected from any type of disaster. We offer a comprehensive range of training including CPR, AED, First Aid and more, so Call Code 3 Training today at 360-281-6428 to turn you and your employees into experts in safety training.