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Portland ICS Training


Portland ICS Training

In today’s world, emergencies regularly arise that are both dangerous and financially devastating. While these tragedies are often unavoidable, history suggests that when the corporate world and government agencies come together to aid in incident management and emergency response, lives are saved and costs are drastically reduced. Code 3 Training will provide your management team and employees with Portland ICS training in a convenient on-site environment.

Here at Code 3 Training, we offer a Portland ICS class that provides every member of your company with a solid foundation for emergency response procedures. Our instructors are experts in the field and in the classroom and are here to offer Portland Emergency Response & Incident Management Training to organizations that lack the experience and resources to conduct their own training courses.

Convenient Courses Offer Peace of Mind and Safety

Our Portland ICS Training is delivered on-site by our group of experienced firefighters and company officers. We’ll educate your employees on emergencies likely to occur in your particular industry and prepare them with the knowledge and awareness necessary to handle incidents that have the potential to be devastating.

Portland ICS courses offered:

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Whether you have a team working in a hospital, heavy industry, small fire department, or are a part of an organization that can benefit from effective emergency response, allow us to help prepare you for any emergency that may be thrown your way. Code 3 Training offers the benefits of experienced instruction, flexible scheduling and several payment options to ensure that every organization will be confident when an emergency occurs. Call us today at 360-281-6428 to schedule your training session with our experts.