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Portland First Aid Classes


Portland First Aid Classes:

Delivering first aid is comprised of two main objectives:

1. Recognize when a medical or trauma emergency exists and call 911.

2. Stabilize the injured patient while waiting for emergency responders.

During an emergency situation, the first priority is to call 911 and remain calm, while providing the necessary information. Code 3 Training offers Portland First Aid classes taught by a team of experienced professionals that will prepare you with knowledge and hands-on experience to allow you to go beyond just calling 911 and providing information. We instill confidence in the classroom and prepare you to stabilize an injured patient, providing the maximum benefit to your co-worker, family member or citizen.

An injured patient will likely be assisted by Portland Fire Bureau or a private medic unit within 4-6 minutes from the call to Portland 911. However, those few minutes can feel like a lifetime of waiting – your injured family member or co-worker may already be in a severe medical state. For the best care, you and your employees should receive a Portland First Aid class. Proudly serving Portland, OR, Code 3 Training delivers excellent quality on-site first aid classes at competitive rates.

Our First Aid Classes are taught by EMTs & Firefighters:

Our team of EMTs’ and Firefighters perform first aid frequently throughout the course of our jobs, so we bring that experience to the classroom and will answer your questions with solid knowledge and confidence. We are committed to providing informative and engaging Portland First Aid classes at a date and time most convenient for your employees.

Flexible & Affordable On-Site First Aid Training in Portland, OR, Call Today!

Code 3 Training offers inexpensive and convenient First Aid classes in Portland, Oregon. Our program will transform your employees into great resources for First Aid Care! At no additional cost, we will evaluate your first aid preparedness program and recommend supplies and equipment to enhance your team’s effectiveness in a real medical or trauma emergency. Our team of instructors will recommend first aid equipment that is appropriate for your company and its employee work hazards.

Whether you prefer a class during the workday, after work or on weekends, Code 3 Training is there to help. We offer timely, flexible scheduling and have a variety of payment methods available. Call us today to reserve your next on-site first aid certification course!

We are proud to announce our partnership with Philips Healthcare and its regional distributor, Enerspect.

Please visit the ASHI website at www.hsi.com for additional information.

Portland First Aid classes delivered to you by professionals.