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Portland Fire Extinguisher Classes


Fire Extinguisher Classes in Portland, OR

Our Portland Fire Extinguisher Classes utilize experienced and current firefighters in your training! While you may have not had much practice using a fire extinguisher during an actual fire, which is a situation no one wants to experience, it’s important to know how they work before an emergency occurs. Take a moment to ask yourself how many people in your workplace would feel comfortable grabbing the fire extinguisher off the wall and effectively using it to smother crackling flames. If the answer is less than your total number of employees, consider requesting a Portland Fire Extinguisher class from Code 3 Training today!

Hands-On Experience is the Key to Success

There’s no way to learn how to combat the start of a fire without hands-on training. Watching a video will help, but not truly prepare you for a fire emergency. At Code 3 Training, we’re all about hands-on learning. We make the situation as real as it can be, with a propane-fire prop, so you and your employees can be familiar with the type of action to take when an emergency occurs.

Let Our Firefighters Train You

Our knowledgeable firefighters at Code 3 Training are passionate about helping others become well-versed in responding to emergencies. They have used several different types of extinguishers in real fires and will provide training on the type that is in your workplace.

If your company is required by Oregon OSHA regulations to conduct Portland Fire Extinguisher training on an annual basis, then you will want to bring in the most knowledgeable group of teachers around. We’re proud to say that we have the expertise necessary to conduct thorough, realistic training customized to your specific workplace.

The Power Is in Your Hands

Studies show that numerous large-scale blazes could have been stopped early if employees had been confident in making use of available fire extinguishers, while the fire was small. These stoppable fires eventually led to significant property damage and, in some cases, loss of life. With a Portland Fire Extinguisher class from Code 3 Training, you and your employees will realize that the power to prevent extensive fire damage is in your hands.

Benefits of Portland Fire Extinguisher classes are numerous. In addition to being much better prepared for handling an emergency and making your workplace a much safer environment, your business may also save on insurance premiums. A company where everyone knows how to deal with emergencies is a company that’s much less likely to incur significant costs as a result of property damage during a fire.

If you want everyone in your office to be capable of acting with confidence during a fire, then contact us today at 360-281-6428 to schedule a Portland fire extinguisher certification course. We look forward to teaching you and your employees how to keep those flames down!

Portland Fire Extinguisher Classes taught by those who fight fire for a living!