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Studies on Hands-Only CPR Published in New England Journal of Medicine 

Two studies published July 28, 2010, in the New England Journal of Medicine, concluded that Compressions-Only (Hands-Only) CPR is as effective as Conventional CPR, when performed by bystanders. The studies also spotlighted the importance of dispatcher assisted CPR for bystanders.

Since 2008, the AHA has recommended Hands-Only CPR for bystanders who witness an adult suddenly collapse. For more information on Hands-Only CPR, visit www.handsonlycpr.org.

View news coverage from ABC News on these important studies and watch an interview with ECC Volunteer, Dr. Michael Sayre

Cited from American Heart Association website on October 21st, 2013.

Note: When performing CPR in the public, as a healthcare provider, I would personally recommend providing compressions-only CPR when you do not have a mask or approved breathing device. This advice is due to extensive experience providing CPR as an EMT-Firefighter and the incidences of vomiting I have experienced. It is a risk to provide CPR without a proper barrier device and should be seriously considered. Providing mouth to mouth ventilations for a close family member will likely be safer since their medical history is often known.

For more information on Hands-Only CPR, please visit our course offerings and call us to schedule your next on-site class.


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