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CPR Questions & Answers

CPR Questions & Answers: 

What qualifies a person to instruct in life-saving CPR, First Aid and emergency training?

  • Emergencies require quick thinking and adequate individual preparation. Code 3 Training provides a friendly, comfortable and confident approach to teaching life-saving skills such as CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens and Fire Extinguisher operation.
  • All Code 3 Training instructors have solid experience on the street performing as emergency responders and have the skills to confidently answer your classroom questions. We are qualified because we do the job that we are preparing you for.
  • Code 3 Training also provides a wide range of other emergency preparedness classes such as family home safety training, emergency response team training, and incident command system (NIMS ICS) courses for companies that may interact with emergency response agencies.


Who is qualified to teach life saving CPR, First aid and fire safety skills?

  • Any CPR, First Aid and fire and medical safety instructor should be able to cite any number of experiences they have had when asked about particular emergency situations and confidently give advice to handle those situations. Many of our customers have noted that the greatest benefit to taking a class with us is the practical, real-life skill and training we bring to each class we teach. Whether it is CPR for the healthcare provider, layperson or your family members, we at Code 3 Training are prepared to deliver the highest quality classroom experience for you. Why trust anyone who has not served in real-life emergency situations?


Who should you trust to teach your employees life saving CPR and First Aid skills?

  • Your employees are your company’s most valuable asset. When an emergency occurs, wouldn’t you like to know that your employees are trained to the highest level possible, with one of the leading CPR and First Aid curriculum’s available? Top it off with fantastic instructors with real-life emergency experience and you have a recipe for success. Your employees should feel confident following any training they receive, emergency preparedness training that Code 3 instructors deliver will provide your employee the confidence they need to succeed in any emergency.


Who should you trust to teach your family CPR and First aid?

  • Your family is your most important consideration. Wouldn’t it be great to know that Code 3 Training will deliver the highest quality CPR, First Aid and Home emergency preparedness training possible? We are experienced emergency professionals dedicated to building your confidence to deal with any emergency that arises, whether at home or outside the home. We build your confidence through patient teaching that is geared for you and your family. We at Code 3 Training realize the importance this training has on a successful outcome.


What makes Code 3 Training qualified to instruct in life saving CPR and First Aid?

  • Not just anyone is qualified to teach CPR, AED and First Aid. There are those that can teach you the book and then there are those that know the book and expand your comprehension with real-world examples. At Code 3 Training, we are the professionals that have responded on hundreds of emergency calls and use this experience to better prepare you for life’s unexpected events.


Why is Code 3 Training your preferred provider for life saving CPR, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, home safety, and NIMS ICS training?

  • Whether you are an employee at a manufacturing business, dental office, chemical company or a part of a city or county municipality, we are prepared to train you and your fellow employees to the highest degree possible, using book and street knowledge. Code 3 Training delivers on-site training that meets or exceeds all state and national standards in CPR, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher and emergency preparedness. We also understand that flexibility is important, so we work around your schedule to keep costs down. We are built on the model of being flexible and can meet your needs, day or night, weekdays or weekends.


Why should you trust Code 3 Training team to deliver your CPR and First Aid training?

  • Trust your training to the professionals that answer 911 calls every day. We at Code 3 Training have the skills and the experience to deliver training that is relevant, practical and experience-based. We strive to deliver the highest quality ASHI and curriculum in an engaging, entertaining and flexible manner designed to foster better comprehension for all students, no matter the industry. We also offer the American Heart Association certification for Healthcare Providers. We answer your questions with ease and do it in a manner that makes you feel comfortable. Our instructors invite questions in the classroom and use our practical emergency responder experience as EMTs and Firefighters to deliver material confidently. You will leave class more confident than in any class you have taken in the past. That is our guarantee to you.