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CPR Classes in Portland

CPR and First Aid Classes in Vancouver, WA
We offer CPR and First Aid Classes in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. We offer On-Site Classes in ASHI and AHA CPR and AED.

“Experienced Professionals Inspire┬áConfidence”
Let CODE 3 TRAINING Create An Expert Out of You with our Convenient and Affordable CPR classes in Portland
Be at your best when seconds count…Our professional Firefighters & EMTs offer the best in On-Site First Aid and CPR classes including: Healthcare Provider BLS certification & OSHA-required CPR, AED & First Aid classes. Call Code 3 Training & Schedule Today! 360-281-6428

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Onsite CPR, AED & First Aid Training in Vancouver, Wa and Portland, Or

At Code 3 Training, our experienced instructors are committed to teaching life saving skills in a highly effective learning environment. We know the best way to learn, practice and retain these skills is one that allows the students time and space to interact with the learning process, so we encourage questions, incorporate hands-on practice and provide resources to take with you. Having CPR, AED and First Aid knowledge and confidence when it counts is our number one priority. We teach life-saving skills that start in our classes and stay with you in the real world.

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